Sunday, December 18, 2005

History Repeats Itself ...Is it fashion or fascism?!

I agree ... like compost king's comments and like Mary Talbot's statements ... Quote - Edmonton Journal : "I'm appalled! ... It's totally absurd that the Conservative party is behaving like this." Quote Edmonton Sun: "...Talbot tried to move but was closely followed by Conservative supporters, with one woman waving a homemade sign in front of Talbot each time she waved the photo."

There is real feeling of "been there ... seen that " (deja what?) Remind me again ... didn't similar things happen at Hawn's nomination meeting. Didn't I say something about that before? Didn't "Vee Tor" Marchano orchestrate that one too? What makes it different this time? I guess because the press caught him at it and now he has publicly humiliated the party rather than privately. That's the only difference. That is really listening to the "astro turf" VEE TOR!! Or are you just trying to start your own version of the fascist "brown shirts".

I guess to some of us it is no surprise that the "Old Tory" element acts that way. That was what the Reform and later the Alliance was trying to get away from in corrupt government and why a new party emerged out of the "Old Torys" . We really worked hard for "MP Accountability" and "MP Recall" and "Senate Reform" and "Elected Senate"and "Grass Roots Input" and it was getting to be a "force of change" to contend with.

Now we have "Unite the Right" and "Old Torydom Forever" .

In Edmonton Beaumont the comment in the street is that "we better get behind Mike Lake because he is the best we have and we won't get another shot at getting a Conservative MP elected". Secondary comment " Vote for the party not for Liberal Corruption"

I would only agree with those statements if we can't get rid of the corruption of the McBeaths and the Marciannos and everyone like them in the meantime.

In other words return to our "grass roots" idealism and perfect it ... it doesn't matter if it is Liberal corruption or Conservative corruption ... its corruption ... but some wouldn't say manure if they had a mouthful! How is it ... "hear no evil", "see no evil", "speak no evil", is that what you really want?

Remember as well kiddies that I told you that Ryan Hastman had cut a deal with McBeath and Marcianno for "future considerations" ... guess what ... he now taken over as Hawn's webmaster. Glory on us Toto the streets to the Emerald city really are paved with gold.

Do you really think these "power brokers" have your interests in mind? Maybe we should ask Mary Talbot and others of the grass roots! At the same time, we should be thankful that someone on Harper's team had the brains to throw a "spin" of "damage control" to cover Marcianno's ineptitude.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The latest web of intrigue

Well kiddies … now hear this … Wm. McBeath and Vitor Marciano have finely talked Mike Lake into total obscurity. The successful EDA web site that has given Mike so much good exposure until now is to come down. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it. It’s the only one thing that has kept him from being totally “Mike who”.

The present webmaster was fired by the board and has now been told to take down the entire present site as we speak. .and who replaced him … guess who? …our old friend Ryan Hastman! Watch for it kiddies … it will be days if not hours from going out of existence. See if I’m not correct.

Anyway it will be after the election before a new one can do him any good.

I did some checking around to find out that Ryan Hastman is the same Hastman of the now “pulled” blog spot that had a couple of comments about compost king and myself and is also I hear the creator of Mike’s own personal site.

It seems the rationale that was sold to Mike was that the two sites would compliment one another and personalize him much better than it does now. How is that possible Mike when all you had to do was tell the other web master what you wanted to see in it and work with him to bring it about?

However seems also that Hastman cut a deal with McBeath and company to take over the EDA site through Mike Lake and his control of the EDA board. The deal includes Hastman will get “future consideration” for creating web sites for other Conservative EDAs, all at “top dollar”.

The cost to Edmonton Mill Woods Beaumont is apparently a “cut rate” over what he usually charges with the understanding and promise that he will go to full price when Mike gets to be MP and there is much more money in the EDA purse.

The “cut rate” cost is incidentally far over the price they have been paying up to now.

Best of all is that whether deliberate or by ineptitude you cannot find Mike Lake’s personal site unless you know the actual address or go through the EDA site

If Ryan Hastman creates the new EDA site is that going to be any more visible than Mike’s own personal site? Probably just as hard to find if McBeath and Marciano have their way.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave (pun intended) when we practice to deceive …”

Oh yes … news flash Mike … our old friend Suki Randawa had a 500 plus party the other night I hear, Lyle Oberg gave a speech asking for support as candidate for Premier, Suki a speech asking for support as candidate for MLA. He didn’t give a speech or anything but Bruce King was there too and the way he was “working the crowd” … well you should have seen it … yes … you should have seen it … why didn’t you?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

History repeats itself

Well Mike Lake … you’ve done it again! Wm. McBeath, Vitor Marciano and Chuck McKenna hand you a dull knife and you stand there and emasculate yourself. Don’t you get it yet … THEY didn’t want YOU to have the BENEFIT of the EDA web site as it had been SO SUCCESSFULL. Now, someone with their views has you convinced to tear it down and replace it with your own.

Ask yourself why you fell for it and what it will do TO YOU. When you do, you might just figure out who you can really trust … right? I wonder!

The site did not … and does not belong to you … it belongs to the EDA. We paid for it not you!! It was also developed for the candidate not by the candidate and was supposed to be there for any repeat performance if called for by any other candidate. Not just you.

And … it was the most powerful tool you had during the nomination and would have been your strongest tool for the election. You will be lucky to get that position back in two years.

Why won’t it be now, with you controlling it? Exactly that! You control it! And all we can expect to get out of it is more of the Conrad Black, Izzy Asper type of controlled propaganda but now it will be Old Tory propaganda. Over the years I liked the Reform/ Alliance platform and still do. Remember clearly that we were all working for the idea (among others) of Senate reform and MP recall … and remember it well!! The “grassroots” … sorry … the “astroturfers” still think for themselves! You want our support? … Maybe you better rethink your position and what you’re really telling us, before it’s too late.

My wife and I go to that church just up the road west of you. Maybe you think that RC’s don’t get much in the way of your type of religion but what we know is that our Bible makes the statement “Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed. A town or family splintered by feuding will fall apart. And if Satan is casting out Satan, he is divided and fighting against himself” (Mathew 12:25….)

Doesn’t this in fact fit you, when you “cast out” the very people that created the level playing field that won you the nomination? The people that promote you at every turn? The people that tried to keep a major tool at your disposal for interest and support for you?

During the Alliance days we collectively fought the party to a standstill when they tried to make us hold a new nomination meeting so that their favorite candidate Tim Uppal could get his people together to seize the nomination.

Following the merger “they” did seize the nomination by using every type of election fraud - importing Liberal help; Marciano, McBeath and others not just hindering but they actually enabled people from outside the riding and from the Liberal camp to” ballot box stuff”; all to ensure their candidate Tim Uppal won instead of our choice. Ask your friend Cathay Wagontall if I’m lying or not …she was there. Remember too that they just did the same thing recently for Hawn and you can’t be so blind you didn’t see and hear about that!!

David Fletcher (one of your recent opponents) at that early nomination time obtained a list of Liberals who were enrolled on our ballot list at the same time as holding Liberal membership, who were screwing around with our nomination and later the election. Those Liberals were Kilgours people. They were predominately Tim Uppal and Gurnam Dodd’s people. Why don’t you ask Fletcher to see that list and the submission he registered with the party against these fraud tactics. See for yourself. Show him Dave!

Are you aware that Tim Uppal and Gurnam Dodd are presently campaigning for Bruce King right now in the community? They fully expect that with their help he will win his nomination for the Liberals. They want the Liberals … not the Conservatives … because our immigration policies are not to their likening.

Bruce Kings name is already out there from running in the “Provincial”. When I say “Mike Lake” people come back with “Mike who?” You are not even making an effort to change that “public image” and Bruce is already out there lobbying support. If it doesn’t change want to bet who of you wins?

Take a look at the numbers that Kilgour had voting for him … not how much he won by. Then realize that you have to have that number just for openers … that you have no chance of obtaining much of the vote that Tim had from Sikh support and that he will now have added those people to the support that he and Gurnam gave Kilgour and then tell me if you can raise the same number from your church; …you better. Or … you better convince me and a lot of other to change our minds and hang in there with you.

Understand also, that when you had a letter circulating for support and had Tim Uppal’s name on it as reference that it was the “kiss of death” because we won’t support his corruption and we remember those “ways” from the last play. Understand you were petitioning the “core” group of the old Alliance/Reform party. When the question became “are his ways your ways”? … a lot of us wouldn’t take the chance and I understand you didn’t do so good.

Also “a friend of my enemy is not my friend” … secondly a “friend of my friend is!! And when you “cast out my friends” you cast me out. You got rid of our web site and our “people”. You should have seen that they were also your people.

I also live by the thought that “harm me once shame on you … harm me twice shame on me”. So do a lot of others. You talk about Christian values and ethics … if you feel that what you have done is the actions of “Christianity” then “deliver me”.

If you don’t really want that view to stand, then get your act together and show us. From here on in we want to see some evidence of “Christian” thinking and more important Christian acting.

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Scarlet Pimpernel is back

“They seek him here they seek him there …” … my … my … my … it appears “they” seek him/her “everywhere” … well this may not be the time of the French revolution (unless maybe you live in Quebec) but the revolution here is perhaps under weigh and like the revolutionaries that seized power then … it seems that the guillotine awaits those that incur the displeasure of those in power in our party.

Holidays were calling so he/she is back ...

Who? Why? Well … “come and let us reason together” kiddies…

It seems “moi” … was the subject of a “witch hunt” the other day to rival “ole Salem” … would you believe that some of the riding executive got together at a special meeting to try and piece together who “whiney voter” could be?

Seems the truth hurts!! Hurts badly actually!! Thankfully for my “fanny” they came wide of the mark but at the “end of the day” what surfaces is that they aren’t comfortable with “grass roots” comments … wonder why? Ok … pardon me V-tor the “astro turf” comments … aren’t that … the proper quo…tation V-tor?

Doesn’t that mean fake “grass roots” V-tor? Tell me … why is an “Old Tory” in a responsible position discrediting the people (Alliance/Reform) who made this party what it is … could it be a move to get further control rather than further the principles of “unite the right”?

Tell me also V-tor … you and Wm McBeath took the interests of Laurie H. to heart recently and orchestrated a nomination that was heavily “loaded” in his favour. Amid challenges of impropriety, ballot box stuffing, out of riding electors’ etc, we find the Chinese and the Aboriginal voter in the area so “ticked” by these election irregularities that feelings are running really high there … you raise the comment that is doesn’t matter. No? Where is he going to replace those votes when he faces Ann McLellan? Think Annie’s people are going to have pity on him? Where do you think all this corruption and ineptitude is going to prosper any of us? What is the choice …Liberal corruption or Conservative corruption?

Anyway from the way I hear it goes … V-tor put on pressure with President Casey to call a partial/select meeting of Edmonton Mill Woods Beaumont board to discuss why Krista Leddy had to be the culprit “whiney voter”.

However the real reason is, if these people could sustain this innuendo of her “impropriety”, it would discredit her husband the riding Vice Pres and his obvious support and effort to elect Mike Lake. The designed result? “Lil’ rabbit Fou Fou run…ning in the for…est, pick…ing up the field mice … bop them on the head …” so from what I hear Mike doesn’t trust him any more and so one more “mouse victim to rabbit Fou Fou”.

Why hamper Mike? Could it have anything to do with the fact V-tor and Casey were “livid” when Mike won the nomination against the “party favorite” and touted “MP in Waiting”, Tim Uppal? Could it be the party is less than enthusiastic with another “Christian” candidate that may have strong personal views and “grass roots” support that run contrary to “Party Policy” thinking?

Someone who was “party faithful” and in Ottawa following the nomination and associate with Mike, returned with a very negative opinion as his ability and direction … (I don’t suppose you know who that was, eh Casey?} … following closely on that … we begin to hear from the same source area the phrase “Mike Flake”. Isn’t this a wonderful world of support to get a candidate off the ground? Casey why shouldn’t you maybe be campaign manager for Mike?

Meanwhile, Tim Uppal’s followers have been and are still broadcasting far and wide in their community “Mike Fluke” and “wait until the next time …” Wait for what? To have you come and seize control of the riding, the nomination process, the candidates position the way you did at the last AGM? Wait for you to take control from willing, working, members and then never ever turn up for meetings or never ever get involved with EDA or any other democratic movement or values? Right … we can hardly wait!

Then lets reason together about that AGM and three organizers of the coup that overturned the “grass roots”, Tim, Casey and Doug Korpleinski (Am I not right Casey? Didn’t you just say recently that you organized it to make sure there was an equal Christian and Sikh representation on the board? That would sound good except that the truly “Christian” element of the old board was replaced in majority by Sikhs. And knowing the Sikh as you do … you couldn’t get rid of everyone because then there was no one to “keep it together” and do the work!)

Wow sisters and brothers … democracy in action! ...what gave them the right to decide this? Just the “right of might” and because they could play the “numbers” game to their advantage? Absolutely …!

This isn’t the first time. Tim was involved in the same way in the “old Tory” realm just prior to the “yes/no” vote on party merger. The riding Pres and most of her members were totally opposed to merger and had her board “seized” in the same fashion, with a change in direction to a “yes” being orchestrated by the new power structure. Tim has done this often enough that he has the reputation in the area as the leader of the “Mob for Hire”. Let’s see “kiddies” … Question: What was gained by the “Mob for Hire” here in the old Tory realm and who did it benefit? This is a world of information isn’t it?

Then guess what else … amid proven accusations of “line cutting” tactics practiced on loyal LaFarge truckers, the latest is Tim dodging cameras and reporters and organizing the truckers on the legislative grounds recently. Question Tim: How many of those trucks and drivers do you and your daddy own? Question Tim: Why didn’t you want to “meet the press”? … They sure wanted to talk to you!

Then we come to the Provincial arena …
Annual General Meeting - Edmonton Ellerslie PC Association July 14th/05

To back up a bit … the last (2004) AGM was pure and utter de..saster. The Sikhs dominated the meeting and the board … the result … no board meetings called by the president during the year, no treasurer, no money, unpaid bills and money from membership sales never forwarded to the PC Party.

Recently new membership books were quietly given out before July 14th by Gurnam Dodd. Current memberships were sold, none of the last year members were told of a proposed AGM and those on the past list with continuing membership were not called or a notice of meeting published to the riding. Casey Des Champ organized the AGM, brought a prepared agenda, a list of ten proposed board executive and thirty board members and list of proposed amendments to the riding constitution, to the meeting.

That list shows nine Anglo names, twenty nine Sikh/Hindu and among the proposed executive are Casey Des Champ, Doug Korpleinski and Tim Uppal as Vice Presidents and Gurnam Dodd as President.

These lists got out prematurely to Bob McLoughry, who wouldn’t give them back to Gurnam Dodd who called him a “thief” for stealing his property and Gurnam was torn a new throat by my friend Wendy Pearce who had just torn Casey’s throat out for her attempted secretive “take over” of the board. …Way to go Wendy! Who said politics isn’t fun?

The three proposed amendments they were going for are interesting reading too.

1) to change current constitution 3.3 that says:
Membership may be permitted to non-residents but they shall not be entitled to be a Board member, vote at general meetings or vote at candidate nomination meetings.

Proposed Amendment 3.3
The Nominating Committee at an Annual General Meeting, or the President from time to time, my nominate individuals for membership to the Board of Directors or the Executive of the Association to be known as Associate Directors. These individuals may not necessarily meet the residential membership requirements of Article 3.1 and shall require a two thirds majority of those present at an Annual general meeting or a Board Meeting as the case may be, to ratify their appointment. Such individuals shall be allowed to vote only at the Board and Executive Committee meetings of the Association. Their appointment shall be until the next election of the Directors and Officers takes place. The number of Associate Directors shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the total number of existing Directors on the Board.

The bottom line kiddies? … The President can nominate who he likes, when he likes, from where he likes, to take control of the riding without any pretense at democracy and we can all “stick it” if we don’t like it. They don’t even have to live in the riding.
But they are going to decide for us … “everything”…

2) to current constitution 4.1(g) that says:
The Association shall have a Board of Directors (Board) comprised of members of the Association elected at an Annual General Meeting of the association or appointed or holding office pursuant to this Constitution and shall consist of: (g) up to sixty (60) Directors.

Proposed Amendment 4.1 (g)
The Association shall have a Board of Directors (Board) comprised of members of the Association elected at an Annual General Meeting of the Association or appointed or holding office pursuant to this Constitution and shall consist of (g) up to thirty (30) Directors.

The bottom line?
There are three major factions in the riding that came together and agreed to form the board on the basis of 20 persons from and chosen by each faction. This on the surface seems large but it is efficient. Those who are willing to attend, work at the riding tasks, work in cooperation with each other is preferred to a situation of thirty from the one camp only. Which is it to be domination or democracy?

3) to current constitution 6.5 (b) that says:
Quorum for meetings shall be as follows: (b) Board meetings – at least fifteen (15) Board members including four (4) Executive committee members;

Proposed amendment 6.5 (b)
A quorum for meetings shall be as follows: Board meetings – is twenty-five percent (25%) of the total number of existing Board members including at least three (3) Executive committee members.

The bottom line:
25% of 30 members are 7.5 or in other words 8 members (the proposed number of Anglo faces on the proposed board to do the work and controlled by 1) Gurnam/Tim 2) Casey and 3) Doug. Wow! Just the right number Casey! Imagine that!

Where does this leave us all in Mill Woods Beaumont? Mad! Concerned!

Mike proved in the Nomination that the “mad” and the “concerned” getting together can make a difference. Quit “sucking up” to the corrupt Mike … you’re supposed to be Christian so maybe give some thought before you “tic us all off” and throw us all away for this type of corruption. You sure won’t win without us. Let me say that a different way Mike. “They” won’t let you win if they have their way and your cooperation.

Send me an e-mail with your thoughts you “astro turfers” you !